G. H. Pember

A Short Biography

George Hawkins Pember matriculated at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, in 1856; took the B.A. in 1860, being placed in the Second Class Classical Tripos; and his M.A. in 1863.  He died July 5, 1910, in his seventy-third year.  He studied the classics in his unconverted days for his own glory, but since his conversion he sought to use the knowledge so gained for the good of God's church.  How extensive and accurate was his classical knowledge, and how very widely he had read, may be seen in The Great Prophecies and in Earth's Earliest Ages.

"He was preeminently a teacher of teachers, and one of the best exponents of prophetic Scripture during his period, so rich in great teachers of the Word of God".
          ~ G. H. Lang

"This is a book of distinct and conspicuous mark on the exhaustless theme of Scripture Prophecy.  It is evident that the conscientious labour and thought of years are embodied in the volume.  While the author shows that he has studied with care the literature of his subject, he has at the same time wrought out an independent scheme of interpretation marked by great comprehensiveness and self-consistency."
         ~ United Presbyterian Magazine

"Pember was one name (among two or three) that dominated prophetic study in the Victorian age, a writer foremost in scholarship, in expository insight, in literary clarity, who had the added gift of interpreting facts in the light of Scripture; and Earth's Earliest Ages was to many of us a key book in our earlier years."

"One of the deplorable facts of today is the disappearance of these giants, and even of their works, with few if any to take their place; and the value of this present volume becomes correspondingly greater as it gives to the present generation a summary of one who knew his Bible, and fearlessly stated a drama of all-comprehensive gravity now obviously at the doors."
         ~ D. M. Panton

"One of the most valuable expositions of prophecy ever published.  It is written in a popular and interesting style, and handles with masterly discriminating, scholarly research, and eloquent description the principal prophecies of the Bible."
         ~ Prophetic News

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