Who is Harry Rimmer?

Harry Rimmer
1890 - 1952

"There is no such thing as an unregenerate Christian. Christianity begins for us when Jesus Christ is formed in our hearts through faith by the operation of the Holy Spirit. Thus we are born again."

Dr. Harry Rimmer wore many hats in his lifetime--lecturer, scientist, archaeologist, author, pastor, crusader, debater, fundamentalist, soul winner--and one of America's most thrilling speakers.

As president of the Science Research Bureau, he delved into all the so-called evidences for evolution and with scientific evidence proved it a foolish and untenable theory.

After his lecture about the creation, the Flood, Joshua's long day, the miracles, the Bible account seemed the most reasonable and scientific thing in the world, while the guesses of the evolutionary theory proved to be scientifically ridiculous. A Christian who heard him did not long feel like a shipwrecked mariner clinging with despair to the broken pieces of his ship of faith in a stormy sea. Instead, he felt like he was on an unsinkable ocean liner driving steadily on a proper course to a well-known haven under the safe hands of a master Mariner! He made you want to stand up and cheer for the Bible. No man in America could more strengthen your faith in the Bible than this man.

Dr. Rimmer was a working scientist, for years spending six months in excavation and examination of fossils and in other scientific research, then six months on the platform.

He was long pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Duluth, Minnesota.

He was author of many books; among them: Dead Men Tell Tales, Harmony of Science and Scripture, and Modern Science and the Genesis Record, all highly recommended to young people.

In March of 1953 he slipped across that "Valley of Deep Shadow" to occupy his bit of property--for after taps comes reveille for the Christian!

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