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In The Beginnings,Steven E. Dill, D.V.M

In the Beginnings is a defense of the Biblical Gap Theory of Creation. This theory, once popular in the late 19th and early to mid 20th centuries, has been rejected by many modern-day creationists as being without biblical or scientific support. This book takes an in-depth look at both science and the Bible. Its purpose is to show how the Gap Theory better fits the scientific and biblical facts. More importantly, its main purpose is to reach out to unbelievers who think the Bible teaches things contrary to science. True scientific facts and true Biblical truths do not contradict. The basic assumption of the author is that God is smart enough and powerful enough and sovereign enough to make His Works and His Words agree. Because God reveals His invisible attributes in His handiwork, the author uses both Godís Word and His work to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Arthur C Custance - Without form and void

The conflict

Whether one understands the creation account by modern geological theory, or the gap theory, or the young earth theory, all find support in the first chapter of genesis!

It is therefore essential to establish the meaning of the original hebrew of genesis. What does it tell us about the creation? Does it support any of these interpretations?

The issue

Of particular concern is verse 2 of chapter 1. Should it be rendered (as KJV) "And the earth was without form and void..." OR "But the earth had become...."

The issue is critical because the implications are vastly different. The issue is crucial in any attempt to reconcile genesis with modern geology.

Towards a resolution

This book is an examination not of the geological evidence but of the linguistic.

After noting how this verse has been translated from pre-christian times to the present, the author then discusses the linguistic evidence from grammar and syntax and context - by which meaning of words is determined.

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Clarence Larkin - Dispensational Truth

This book is the result of over 30 yrs. of study and is sane and -not a " date setter" but comes close. The book is 10 x10 1/2 -inches, and the -large charts cover two pages. Also there are 34 -chapters of scriptural matter. 42 prophetical charts, 9x20 inches, 48 one page charts and 15 cuts and more. What your minister uses now can be yours! Written in 1918 but reads like 1997. This man was way ahead of his time. Charts on Revelation, Daniel, the Church age and who made the Great Pyramid and how does it relate to scripture. Beside being a minister Rev. Larkin used his God given talent as a Mechanical Engineer to make these time honored charts. This is the best Study book on the market. If you really want to learn your bible get this. It has been kept a secret long enough. Now know what others have for so long. (c) Larkin Estates
Rev. Clarence Larkin $ 39.95 SKU

A W Pink - Gleanings in Genesis

Finis Dake - Another Time...Another Place...Another Man $9.99

The first in a new doctrinal series based on the writings of the late Finis Jennings Dake, Another Time... Another Place... Another Man provides a biblical alternative to the traditional view of creation. Dake's unique approach removes much of the tension between Christianity and science with an insightful analysis of the Genesis account and relevant passages. The creation story takes on new meaning in this exciting and thought-provoking journey through the Scriptures.

G.H Pember - Earth's Earliest Ages

This classic work examines the biblical evidence for a postcreation catastrophe and destruction of the earth and a subsequent recreation. Pember examines the role of demonic forces in the first destruction of earth under God's judgment and compares them to the rise of spiritualism, Theosophy, and Buddhist thought.
Written in 1876, this revised edition, edited by G. H. Lang (1911), adds explanatory notes, along with a helpful appendix on the identity of the "sons of God" in Genesis 3.

"Its pages burn with revealing truth and illumination ahead of its time... Here is a book that encompasses so much of our Christian faith that every believer needs a copy in their library for reading and reference."
-Inner Witness

"The author gives us authenticated instances of the reality and nearness of a spirit world which gives reason to fortify the soul by the light and teaching found in the Scriptures and discussed in this book."
-The Lutheran Journal

"This book is most provocative and capitivating for the serious reader and student of God's Word to enable the reader to understand and counter modern spiritualism and Buddhism."
-Mennonite Publishing House
The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer

The books of Francis Schaeffer have marked a watershed in Christian thinking and have deeply affected a generation of readers. Now in this complete and final edition of Schaeffer's works, all twenty-two of his books are included. This is the definitive edition of Schaeffer's books, each of which he updated and revised two years before his death. A comprehensive index is included for easy access to the entire set. Similarly, the set has been arranged so as to best follow Schaeffer's thought.


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