Who did believe?

This page is a help in your study, when you want refs to other writers who believed the gap theory to be the only way of interpeting the bible.

It is also my goal with this page to trace it as far as I can back to the first christians.

50-135 Akiba ben Joseph
110-165 Justin Martyr
145-220 Tertullian
186-254 Origen De Principiis, at Gen. 1. 1
"It is certain that the present firmament is not spoken of in this verse, nor the present dry land, but rather that heaven and earth from which this present heaven and earth that we now see afterwards borrowed their names."
220-230 Julius Africanus
300 AD Talmud
329-379 St Basil
-386 Gregory of Nyssa
354-430 Augustine
393-466 Theodoret
650-680 Caedmon
674-735 Bede
943-975 Edgar, King of England
1097-1141 Hugo St Victor
1226-1274 Thomas Aquinas
1535-1610 Pererius
1583 - 1643 Episcopius, Simon
1583-1652 Dionysius Petavius
1726-1797 James Hutton
1736 - 1815 Rosenmuller, J. G., a German Lutheran
17721829 Friedrich Schlegel
1780-1847 Chalmers, Thomas
1793-1864 Edward Hitchcock
1800-1882 Edward Bouverie Pusey
1802-1856 Hugh Miller
1802-1865 Westermayer
1802-1880 Robert Jamieson
18091890 J. H. Kurtz
1814-1875 Robert Milligan
1817-1888 Paul Isaac Hershon
1825-1889 Alfred Edersheim
1827-1910 G H Pember
1843-1921 Cyrus Ingersoll Scofield
1850-1924 Larkin
1886-1952 A W Pink
1890-1952 Harry Rimmer
1898-1963 C S Lewis
1902-1987 Dake
1910-1985 Arthur C Custance Between the Lines: An Analysis of Genesis 1:1, 2
1912-1984 Francis Schaeffer

Pembers, Johan August Dathe, William Buckland, J Harris, J H Kurtz, Delitzsch, August Dillman, Gregory of Nyssa, Basilios, Gregory of Nazianzen,, Josephus Philoponius, Bishop Gleig, S R Driver, Skinner, Martin Anstey, Alfred Edersheim, H Browne, G U Garland, N Snaith, T Jollie Smith, A L McCaul, P W Heward, George DeHoff, Roy Deaver, Laplace, D F Payne, Buckland, Simeon Hazzohar, Simeon ben Jochai, Jimmy Swaggart

Other books about creation

rabbincal commentary on genesis by Paul Isaac Hershon, the legend of the jews by Louis Ginsberg, J Oliver Buswell "the length of the creative days
science and philosophers, Jacob Bohme, Friedrich Schlegel, Julius Hamberger, Heinrich von Schubert, Karl von Raumer, Andreas Wagner; among theologians, Kurtz, Baumgarten, Dreschler, Delitzsch and others among Protestants; Leopold Schmid, Mayrhofer, and Westermayer among the Roman Catholics

What is the gap theory ?

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