By Chuck Missler
Genesis 1:1 and 1:2-5
Part 1 Proof By Design
Part 2 Genesis: The Foundation of Faith
Part 3 The Illusion of Time
Part 4 Modern Science Proves The Bible
Part 5 ''The Gap Theory''

Genesis 1:2-5 (cont.) and 1:6-8
Part 1 Satan
Part 2 The Mysterious Nature of Light
Part 3 Stretching the Heavens
Part 4 The Meaning of Morning and Evening
Part 5 The Wierd World of Quantum Physics

Genesis 1:6-8 (cont.) and 1:9-13
Part 1 Hyperdimensionality: or ''Mr. & Mrs. Flat''
Part 2 The Boundaries of Understanding
Part 3 The Final Nails in Darwin's Coffin
Part 4 The Mysteries of Science Revealed in the Bible
Part 5 The Divine Cell

Genesis 1:9-13 (cont.), 1:20-23 and 1:24-31
Part 1 Life by Accident?
Part 2 Believing Impossible Things
Part 3 The Mysteries of Mars
Part 4 What is the true meaning of the constellations?
Part 5 The Appointed Times

Genesis 1:20-23, 1:24-31
Part 1 What Life is All About
Part 2 The ''Simple'' Cell
Part 3 Irreducible Complexity
Part 4 The Godhead
Part 5 Fibonacci Numbers - ''The Mathamatics of Beauty''

Genesis 1:24-31 (cont.) and Chapter 2
Part 1 Body, Soul and Spirit
Part 2 The Seventh Day
Part 3 Freedom from the Rules!
Part 4 Where is Eden?
Part 5 The Matrix

What is the gap theory ?

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